Harmony – A New Musical at Ethel Barrymore Theatre

Harmony - A New Musical Tickets

Barrymore Theatre - NY | New York, New York

Harmony - A New Musical

Can you predict why everyone’s excited about this December? This winter, one of the finest Broadway musicals is coming to town for an awesome experience like none other. And you can experience the wonder for yourself if you book tickets to see Harmony - A New Musical live at Barrymore Theatre in New York, New York on Tuesday 12th December 2023. The finest performers will take the stage and tell a moving tale featuring some of the best-written characters to appear on Broadway in 2023. The style is out of this world with costumes and sets created by awesome designers and visionary artists. And you won’t be able to stop humming along when you hear the enchanting musical score written by the industry’s best. And all this while led by one of Broadway’s genius directors. It’s an all-star cast and team that’s dedicated to making Tuesday 12th December 2023 the best night of the season for theater-goers like you. So don’t miss out because tickets may still be ready to order but they won’t last long. Tap the buy tickets button below, so you can order your tickets to see Harmony - A New Musical live at Barrymore Theatre in New York, New York this coming Tuesday 12th December 2023!

We know theater is entertaining, but is it also important? Yes, a thousand times yes. Good theater can get you to feel something, jog a special memory, or figure something out. Just like we jog in the morning, or try to drink more water, nurturing our creative thinking is an vital part of life. Performing arts can help us develop one-of-a-kind forms of emotional intelligence, and flip our world upside down so we can see it from a new perspective. Feeding or emotional intelligence and creativity is important for both personal and professional success. Not to mention, watching characters on stage express complex emotions lets us to practice quick mental shifts, and agile language skills. So yes, you can not only be transported to a new world, but you can add theater to your self-care routine. Starting now with Harmony - A New Musical in Barrymore Theatre on Tuesday 12th December 2023.

Harmony - A New Musical at Barrymore Theatre - NY

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