Harmony – A New Musical at Ethel Barrymore Theatre

Harmony - A New Musical Tickets

Barrymore Theatre - NY | New York, New York

Harmony - A New Musical

Are you starved for epic and ultimate Broadway entertainment this season? Do you crave the kind of live performance art that will stick with you for long after the curtains fall? Then now’s the time to book tickets to see
Harmony - A New Musical live at Barrymore Theatre in New York, New York on Tuesday 21st November 2023! You could join thousands in seeing the show that critics are calling revolutionary and an amazing good time. The show brings many of the finest actors in Broadway together to tell a unforgettable story that will leave you wanting more. And what Broadway musical is complete without a enchanting musical score? Because Harmony - A New Musical comes with tracks written by critically acclaimed composers with melodies that will make you want to tap your toes. But you might not have time to admire the music when you see the visually distinct costume and set design created by industry designers and creators. It’s everything you have ever imagined for a perfectly epic Tuesday night out at the theater. But audiences are waiting in line to get their hands on tickets to this epic and ultimate performance. So if you don’t want to be left in the dust then you have to order early and you can beat the rush via this website. Click the buy tickets link below so you can buy your tickets to see Harmony - A New Musical live at Barrymore Theatre in New York, New York on Tuesday 21st November 2023!

The legend is back gracing the stages of broadway this fall, 2023, and critics are thrilled with all the action! The critically acclaimed production has had multiple awards and is a favourite with families....its kinda a big deal! We know, that you already know what were talking about! Yeah!? Harmony - A New Musical! And its better than ever, a world class cast, magical effects and outstanding production, it's a show to be reckoned with. Back touring broadway for fall, 2023 its time to see what the hype is about this November! It'll be showing in the astounding, Barrymore Theatre, New York, New York, which is considered the best place in the state, if not the US, Barrymore Theatre is simply magical and has a range of amenities, as well as being situated ideally in the middle of the city! Now is time to cancel your plans for Tuesday 21st November 2023, write it in the diary and inform your family that you'll ALL be visiting Harmony - A New Musical this fall! To make it happen, follow the link above right away!

Harmony - A New Musical at Barrymore Theatre - NY

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