Paradise Square at Ethel Barrymore Theatre

Paradise Square Tickets

Ethel Barrymore Theatre | New York City, New York

Did you even realise your favourite musical is on stage once again for summer, 2022!? The legendary musical that has caused a stir for many years, is getting 5 star reviews all round! If that wasn't already enough Paradise Square is actually going to be hosted by the epic Ethel Barrymore Theatre, New York City, New York, isn't that brilliant news? So put Sunday 26th June 2022 in the planner and why not grab a few tickets for your friends! June is going to be LIT! Its easy enough, just click 'buy' this instant! Don't miss this opportunity!

Critics are giving rave reviews all over the US, with New York Magazine saying the show is 'better than ever' with jaw dropping effects, some of the best singing & dancing to come out of theatre in years and a line up of spectacular rising stars, Paradise Square is really turning some heads in 2022. Said to be THE biggest show to come to theatre this summer, screaming fans will no doubt be begging for an encore come curtain call! It's a big deal, who eve you are, whatever you love, there is something for you in this musicall all-rounder. The astounding Ethel Barrymore Theatre, is the favorite venue in New York, New York City, it'll hold the event, which is absolutely ideal given its busy location, close to major public transport routes and all the best bars and restaurants. If you're looking forward to a night of pure entertainment and theatrical vibes then look no further, tickets are here, just click 'get tickets' now! Book early for the best seats in the house!

Paradise Square at Ethel Barrymore Theatre

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