Paradise Square at Ethel Barrymore Theatre

Paradise Square Tickets

Ethel Barrymore Theatre | New York City, New York

Theatre enthusiasts all over have been waiting for this news that Paradise Square is touring America again for summer, 2022! And wonderfully enough, it'll be held at none other than the amazing Ethel Barrymore Theatre, New York City, New York this June!! A real magnificent theatre house, the premier for miles and perfect for the likes of Paradise Square. If you want some original entertainment on Sunday 5th June 2022 then secure your tickets now by simply scroll up and click the link on this page!

Did you already know that Paradise Square is BACK touring the US for summer, 2022!? It's the best day going to watch a legendary theatre production, the entertainment, the company, its well worth it! Especially when you find out that the production is going to be showing in one of the ultimate theatre houses in town! If you don't already know, the smashing, Ethel Barrymore Theatre, New York City, New York! Could you think of anywhere better to see the show? Critics are loving the return to stage for June, so we are all DELIGHTED to say the least! This show is said have a huge edge over all previous tours, spectacular effects and a world class cast! Paradise Square will be up there with the biggest experiences you've witnessed! Its simple to gain access (right now), by simply pressing the 'get tickets' link above. Do not let this opportunity pass you by!

Paradise Square at Ethel Barrymore Theatre

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