Paradise Square at Ethel Barrymore Theatre

Paradise Square Tickets

Ethel Barrymore Theatre | New York City, New York

You'll be singing the unforgettable hits, tapping your feet, wondering how the cast are so unforgettable followed by calling for an encore come curtain call! Paradise Square is on the road again this summer with another influential tour of the US! Tuesday 7th June 2022, down at the popular Ethel Barrymore Theatre of New York City, New York thousands of fans have been in sheer anticipation for this date! Come see what all the fuss is about, it'll be the leading night of June maybe even of the year! This'll be an unforgettable evening for both Paradise Square and musical fans alike! book your tickets now by simply clicking 'get tickets' today!

MAGIC. This may be the number one reason theater-goers will pick as an answer to why they go to the theater. When done well, a stage production can transport the audience into a different world, and this can create a one-of-a-kind energy that you can actually FEEL, an energy that is created by the bond between the performers and the audience. Those special moments in that specific place in time will never be recreated exactly because of that bond which is unique every single time, and that experience is very special. It’s magic. And Paradise Square brings amazing talent, and sensational passion into every performance. Combined with the professional staff of Ethel Barrymore Theatre, your Tuesday 7th June 2022 will be trully exceptional. Remember, you are one click away from magic.

Paradise Square at Ethel Barrymore Theatre

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